Monday, November 11, 2013

Rude People

I am not a mean or violent person- Yet Today-I got in an argument at a store. Not saying I started it-- but I did "finish" it.
We walked in and made the corner to grab a cart-- Bob-as always was following behind me.  We walk in- I head for the carts then started thinking I  can carry everything - so changed my mind-- Bob being behind me, stopped when I did
This Woman ( for lack of a better word)--  started yelling at Bob for "stopping" when they were people behind him.  ( Like he has eyes in the back of his head?) She said " What the %$@  is your Problem Old  #$%^-  .
I turned around and looked at her and said " Excuse us, he has Dementia- Sometimes he just follows my lead- My Fault- "
She screams " Maybe You ought to leave him home in a %$#$%&$ cage-
I looked her square in the eye-- and said _ Chill out -- I'm sure they'll make you another donut if you dont get to the shelf before the last one is gone- 
(wow-- did that just come out of my mouth?- did I say that out loud?) -  She says-- What the  &%$#  did you say?--  I said- You're hard of hearing too--? well so is the senior citizen you were just $%^&*&^%  yelling at..  
(Someone swears at me-- I automatically start swearing back)- 
She says-- I didnt mean anything by what I said-- and starts backing away from me
 I said "really ? because half the %$^&*%$#  store heard you yelling at him."(One guy even started yelling at her that she was the one that belonged at home in a cage-)
By then the Door Greeter was trying to stand between us--  I took Bob by the arm and we  started walking away- She yelled at me-- You better walk away-- I turned around and smiled sweetly and said--  Dont make me go all Spider monkey on you $%^$# -- A bunch of people started laughing-- she got really red in the face and then she slammed her purse down in her cart--- it tipped out everywhere-- LOL--  AND- I am happy  ashamed to say- That made me deliriously  happy! 
Bob and I walked away-- Bob says-- Sheesh-- what did she do to piss you off like that-- He hadn't understood any of it--  I just looked at him and said- " she said I had a big ass"  He says " well shes one to talk-- LOL-- that was it-- he didnt understand what  was going on at all-- 
What the hell is wrong with people? Well I know what was wrong with me-- She got on my last nerve! The one that has been holding by a thread- It snapped.
Son 1 came over this afternoon and I was telling him about it and he said-- Mom- you are a better person then me because I dont think I would have let that go--  
Bob looks at Son 1 and says-- You should see your mom when someone tells her she has a big ass--- she is pretty scary... Now how did he remember that? LOL


  1. Lori- It is So hard to believe that people are so ignorant. My heart goes out to both you and Bob. Wherever Bob's mind is now, I'm sure he is so very proud and happy that you give him such good care. Jan

  2. I sure hope so Jan! And Thank you! :)