Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shopping- What a Hassle

I am no longer comfortable leaving Bob home alone- even for a few minutes let alone long enough to go grocery shopping.  So Bob has to go with me- which he doesn't mind. But me? Not so fond of it.
I have to watch the man like a hawk. He adds things to the cart when I am not looking, and here lately he is putting things in his coat pockets that he wants.
The last trip to the store at the checkout ( knowing that he now pockets things)  I casually checked his pockets- One Idaho Spud candy bar- and one package of 1" wood screws. Both of which I put on the Conveyor belt to be paid for-- I wanted  No chance at all of a security guy coming at us at the door- (Although sitting in on that "grilling" could be more then just a little entertaining, I'm picturing a "who's on first scenario") But-- Like I said-- Better to pay for Pocket items!
Now for all of the "extras" that were in the cart- (that I didnt add-)
One Tube of "Snail shells"   ( must be planning on having a little escargot?) gag!
1 package of birthday Cake decorations ( Those really hard crunchy letter thing-a-ma-bobs)
1 dobber of White shoe polish- (Huh?)
I can of Spaghettio's ( weird-- but ok)
and a book about Breastfeeding  (What the HELL?)

I let him keep the spaghettio's ---the rest of it --well-- lets just say --they were left behind to end up in another persons cart.
When we got home Bob was helping me put the groceries away and he saw the can of Spaghettio's and he said- " Aren't the boys getting a little old for these?
Oh-- and the Idaho Spud Candy bar?-- I was informed that he HATES those when we got home-- and the wood screws?--well why would you buy these-- we have a great big coffee can full of these in the basement--
Next time just ask me if you need some-

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