Saturday, November 9, 2013

Always Had a Plan

Bob always Used to have to have a plan. Fun was always a big part of it. From the moment he woke up, he was already planning his day. Being self employed- he was out the door early getting his equipment ready, he would leave for work, and then when he got home in the afternoon he would either work in his wood or leather shop. If the weather was nice and there was enough daylight left we would hitch up the boat and head to the lake for some fishing. When the boys were smaller he made a point of getting them out on the lake as often as possible. 
We were always doing " something", or going "somewhere"
 It is one of the reasons it is so hard to keep Bob busy now.  Bob was pacing and asking me "what the plan was". 
 I said-- well I am going to clean floors then I was going to bead for awhile. To which he replied "That's the plan?" 
Me- Yep-- thats the plan.
Him- Well- Thats not much of a Plan-
Me-- What did you have in mind?
Him- I dont know-- but it sure as the hell wasnt that.
Me-- well-let me know when you come up with a better Idea
Him-  I think I'll  change the oil in my Truck. 

( Yikes, ) I think I'll come up with a new plan.

Me- How about we get the house cleaning done then we'll go for a drive along the river.
Him- Yea-- Now-thats a good plan

Why do I feel like I just got played? :)

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