Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I can do this.

 I find myself exhausted because I am not just doing my work and running my business- I am taking care of our house, chores, cooking, cleaning & maintenance  I run interference  for Bob.. I screen calls. I prep him for visits.  I get him ready for trips- get him ready for  doctors, get him ready for his day,  get him ready for "life"... 
I protect..I Mother... and I try to keep our heads  above water  and pay our bills while I am doing all of that. 
Its like having a 3 year old all over again.   Yesterday Bob told me " you work to hard"..  On one hand-- good lord -"- HE noticed-"- On the other hand-- One of us needs to.. He did it for years-- Its my turn.  I CAN do this-- I will do this..... I CAN do this. YES I CAN!  Coffee--- need more coffee---  Have I told you how much I love my Keurig? :)

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