Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Monday

 Mondays are a just another day- and mine all seem to run together. Sometimes I have to stop and think about what day it really is-
Monday is a heavy house cleaning day for me, and a day I ship all of my orders from over the weekend.
Bob seems to always have a hard time with them and its probably because I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
We did have a fairly funny moment this morning thou. ( Okay- I thought it was funny- him not so much) He always heads outside and walks around the yard while I am vacuuming. This morning when he came back in he said.
" I think I need a new coat". I looked up and saw that he had my coat on. The sleeves were really tight and short on his arms- Kind of looked like a 20 year old trying to wear a 5 year old's coat-
I said-" Babe-- thats my coat."
He said-- "Really?" Then he got the the funniest look on his face..
Me- "Yep-- no harm done."
Him- "Thats easy for you to say- You weren't just out talking to all the neighbors in it.."

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