Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In the Dark

Bob has been pretty confused in the evenings lately- maybe I should say in the afternoons now. It seems to hit around dark and lets face it-- that comes pretty early this time of year. Last night with the cloud cover- It was almost dark at 4:00pm.
Bob has been feeding our dog her dinner- Last night I reminded him to feed her and he informed me it was "too late" to feed her-- it was already dark. I told him- She can eat in the dark and I'm sure she would appreciate her dinner. This really threw him off for some reason. He went out to feed her on the back deck and was searching the deck for a lightswitch to turn on outside.  It was already on, so maybe its just not enough light. I do know he is a bit night blind.
 ( thus the 50 some flashlights around our house)
I've also noticed that he leaves a trail of lights on wherever he goes. I'm a "Turn the lights off when I leave a room" kinda gal.
I need to "get over" that I think. Going to try a little experiment. More lights on- maybe some I'll even change  to a higher wattage. We'll see if it helps Bobs evening confusion a little. It will be well worth the boost on the electric bill if it works!

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