Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cranky Pants

Last night Bob was cranky- And for whatever reason that made me cranky too.  He even had a cranky expression on his face. I asked him if he was feeling okay and got the response-- Why wouldnt I be feeling Ok?
I dont know-Just thought you seemed a little tired and grouchy.
"I'm not grouchy" as he was scowling at me.
Okee Dokee-
We continued to watch  a show he normally really enjoys- American Pickers... about 25 minutes into the show
He says- This has to be the longest commercial I have ever seen--
Me---     Babe-- this isnt a commercial- Its American pickers- (watching it OnDemand ,so no commercials)
Him-       No-- its a commercial- they're selling junk
Me--      No-- Its Mike and Frank from American pickers
Him-      This is stupid -Why would they have a commercial to sell all of that old "Crap".
 (Why Indeed-- And Does this mean I can clean some more of his "crap" out of the basement-? )
 Me- --   Maybe You should just go take your shower
Him-       I will-- as soon as American Pickers goes off.

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