Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things Are Changin'

 Fall has always been my favorite season.  The crispness of the air. The gorgeous colors. The smell of a fireplace burning. Sweaters, hot cocoa, jeans, boots. I Love it all. Today we went for a hike. One of things that Bob and I have always really enjoyed. We grabbed the camera's and gear, and headed out bright and early this morning. It was a foggy misty start to the day but it cleared off a little later.
Always before, Bob looked forward to "getting out there". Now its question after question about why we are out there or why we are doing what we are doing.
Him- What are we doing again?
Me- going out for a hike- take pictures- You know-- the great outdoors- blow the stink off.
Him- Oh-- well what if I have to go to the bathroom?
Me- well I guess you'll have to do what the bears do.
Him- Doesnt sound like much fun.

Me- Oh it will be fun- You always enjoy getting out.
Him- I meant- doing what the bears do
Me- Cavemen didnt worry about it- they just did it.
Him- I dont think cavemen went on hikes.
Me- I was talking about the bears
Him-  I thought you were talking about cavemen.

 Doesnt matter what our conversation was, or weather it made any sense to either of us. We were out hiking and talking- Just like old times. We had a great Day!
Sometimes its better to just let the conversation flow- If it makes no sense-who cares. It keeps the brain flowing.
I even managed to get him to pose for me!

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