Saturday, October 26, 2013


I've noticed that Bob is starting to need some encouragement to keep up with a normal hygiene routine. Showers, dressing, shaving, dental etc.
He has always picked out his own clothes but isnt really dressing for the season, he showers but complains afterwards about what a chore it is, and I have to remind him to brush his teeth.
He has always wore the same pair of jeans for a few days, but now will wear them for weeks  if you dont tell him to grab some clean ones. Same with the socks, T-shirts etc.
I am just starting to "layout" a set of clothes for him in the morning.
Bob told me yesterday that it is NOT an Outfit.
I hadnt even realized I called it an Outfit. LOL. (apparently thats not something men like there clothes to be called).  
 This morning I layed the clothes out before he was even awake or out of bed.  He came out of the bedroom, all nicely dressed--- in the clothes he had on yesterday.  Which means he had to actually take them out of the hamper.  I raised one eyebrow and said--
"what did you do with the clean clothes I layed out for you?"
Him- Put them away. I wasnt done wearing these yet.
Me- Well- you really need to change your clothes daily.
Him-  I can decide when I am going to change my clothes.
Me- Okee Dokee! ( Not going to have this battle again today)

I went in the bedroom to make the bed- there the nice clean clothes were--In the Hamper-
Note to self- Take the  dirty clothes down the stairs to the laundry room before Bob gets up.

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