Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cupboard Crawl

Every few days we have a few hours of what I call
 "The cupboard crawl". Bob walks from room to room, opening and closing cupboards, closets and drawers. Some of them he will open, and he will stand and gaze upon the contents like he is taking inventory. Sometimes he will paw through items like he is in desperate search of a lost object.  If I ask him if he has lost something or if I can help him find something he'll say " I'm just looking". Is he "just looking" so that he can remember what we have? Is he "just looking" because he has actually misplaced something? Or maybe he is "just looking" to look?. Today he was in the hall closet which is right outside my studio. I heard the door creak open and then the silence of him standing there gazing upon the contents.  I said " What are you looking for Babe?".  I got the typical " I'm just looking"... This morning I repainted the shelves inside the medicine cabinet above the bathroom sink.  Bob made it to the empty cabinet, opened it and said-- "You had better get in here. I think we've been robbed." ( Damn Toothpaste bandits) :)

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