Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Playing Chicken

A quick trip this afternoon to grab some laundry soap. Bob still is arguing about who is going to drive today.
We are sitting at the intersection right in front of the store that has a Beep that lets the blind know when it is safe to cross.As we are sitting at the red light, Bob looks at all of the cars stopped in every direction and says
"That's weird."
Me-- Whats weird
Him- All the cars parked in the street like that
Me--They are waiting for the light to change.
Him- No-- I think they are going to play Chicken.
Me-- Pretty sure they are just waiting for the Light to change green
Him- I'm telling you-- I've done this before- They are playing chicken
Me -- Weird Indeed!

 I'm wondering how long ago it was he "played chicken"    AND   this is why Bob doesnt drive anymore.   :)  You are welcome citizens of Spokane.

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