Saturday, October 19, 2013

Punkin Carvin

We had a good time carving pumpkins last night.  Although Bob thinks we did NOT carve these right. He says-These are Not Jack-o Lanterns  they are Pictures Pumpkins.
Whatever you call them the grandson thinks they are fabulous. His favorite is the cyclops.
This morning when we got up there was a squirrel inside the Ghost pumpkin. Guess I had better refill the squirrel Feeder before they eat the pumpkins from the inside out.
Carrson Told Granpa Bob that he was going to be Luigi for Halloween-- Grandpa Bob says- "a Noodle? How do you make a noodle costume."  :)
Luigi? Linguini?  Impressive Grandpa Bob! I didnt even know he knew what Linguini was.!

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