Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seasons are a changin'

  This morning I had the furnace on as it was in the 20's. BRRRR. I got in the shower and when I got out and walked into the bedroom I saw Bob outside taking the plastic I had hung on two of the older windows off. I walked over to the window and said-
Me- What are you doing?
Him- Taking this stuff off the windows I dont think we are going to need it anymore.
Me- I just put that up a few weeks ago- we DO need it.
Him- The weather guy said it was going to be 60 today. We DONT need it.
Me- Well what about next week when it is back down in the 20's..?
Him- Thats not going to happen. The weather guy said 60's.
Me- Well its going to be nice today but winter is coming.
Him- It is?
Me- Yep-
Him- Its not spring?
Me- Nope-- Not yet-- still have about 6 months until we can think Spring..
Him- Weird- I thought it was already here.
Me- Nope-- leave the ladder there so I can get some new plastic up
Him- Okay- You want help?
Me- Nah-- you had better get your camera ready- Brian is going to take you on a drive today to get some pics of the fall leaves..
Him- Isnt that going to be hard to do this time of year?
Me- Boy you are in for a surprise.
Him- I sure hope so.

(He also seems to think its 2004. I thought that was a fluke at the Neurologist's office this last week. But I asked him what year it was again and he still says 2004..   )

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