Friday, October 18, 2013

Foggy Day

In more ways then one.  The fog outside is really hanging on this morning. Its thick and Dark and it is going to take awhile to burn off this morning. The fog in Bobs head is almost as thick this morning as well. He had his breakfast and his meds. 15 minutes after he was done he was making his breakfast again. I said-
Are you still hungry?
Him- I haven't eaten since last night, I'm starving.
Me- Are you SURE you're hungry?
Him- Well- I am not really hungry but I had better eat something.
Me- Well you already ate, maybe that's why you're not hungry. If you want a little something else there is a bearclaw by the microwave.
Him- I think I'll make pancakes.
Me- I didnt know you knew how to make pancakes.
Him- I dont- I think I'll have a bearclaw.
Me-   :) That sounds good!

Pick your battles Lori- This food one is crazy.  He is hiding food. I made 3 loaves of Beer Bread a few weeks ago. They were on the counter cooling as I was back working in my studio.  I came out to wrap them and found only 2 loaves. I said-- did you move the other loaf of bread. He said- Bread? What bread..
Anyway- a little later in the day I saw bread crumbs on his shirt. He had just come in from his workshop. LOL.  Guess I know where the bread went- and the potato chips- and the ritz crackers--and the Peanut butter..And who knows what else that I haven't discovered. ( Note to self- Go check his food hoard and make sure none of it is perishable.)
I also bought some cookies and some Candies for some Halloween treats that Carrson ( 5  year old Grandson) and I are going to make up this weekend while he is here. I Found the cookies where I put them but the candies are no where to be seen.  Guessing they are out in his shop too.
Guess- I'll be making a Shopping run before Carr gets here this afternoon.
I asked Bob-- what sounds good for dinner-- He said Macaroni salad-- Thats the first time he has had an opinion on what to have for dinner in along time. I think I'll make some Ribs to go with it..
Tonight we'll be carving some of the Punkin's to decorate the front deck.! Fun Times ahead!

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