Thursday, October 17, 2013

Health Insurance

So-- after 2 weeks of being on Hold--On and off.  And still not getting through to speak to someone I finally decided to fill in the form for Health insurance online. Yea-- filled that baby in.. it only took 3 days because I kept getting booted off as it was as busy on the website as the phone lines.
Now I have not had health insurance since I quit my job to stay home with Bob. It just wasn't financially feasible with all of Bobs medical costs.
So Now I HAVE to get the insurance and am trying to get it.  I get the form filled out with all the pertinent information  and I get an Immediate response back-- That I do not qualify for the Washington state health insurance because I am covered by medicare.. Really? I am 51..since when did they cover 51 year olds with medicare.. now on the other hand they say Bob qualify's for an insurance program that is only $580.00 per month...UM Hello-- ? He is on Medicare..I go back online to double check the info I entered.. maybe I got something mixed up.. NOPE-- Its filled out correctly.. Someone else is "mixed up". Wonder how long it will take me to get that mess straightened out.

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