Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The last few weeks Bob has been obsessed with contrails or "line clouds" as he refers to them. Everytime there are a few of them in the sky he insists that I go out and look at them.
Him-- You have to come out and see these weird clouds.
Me- Are you talking about the Contrails
Him-- No- the line clouds.
Me- I think those are contrails- you know-- the jets leave them behind.
Him--I dont see any jets
Me-- I dont either right now-- but they are what make the lines.
Him- ( Now rolling his eyes at me)  Yea- well-- whatever- they are weird.
Me- Yep-- they are weird

In the old days I would have pulled it up on the internet so he could "see".. I could... but somehow I think its easier to go with the flow and just enjoy the line clouds-- or contrails or chemtrails-- or whatever they are.

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