Monday, October 21, 2013

No More Coffee?

Yep- That was this mornings announcement. Bob told me he was no longer going to drink coffee because it was giving him diarrhea.
Me- I dont think its the coffee- You have always had coffee without that problem.
Him- I KNOW its the coffee
Me- Are you sure its not the bag of Halloween Candy You smuggled out of the kitchen.
Him- I dont know what you are talking about.
Me- I'm guessing you have eaten about a LB of chocolate in the last 48 hours
Him- Chocolate doesnt cause diahrrea.
Me- If you say so- But think about it. I'm guessing you ate the whole bag--Right?
Him- Not quite.
Me-- MMMM well- I'd take it easy on that , unless you want to live in the bathroom.
Him- Its the coffee, dont make me coffee in the morning

Note to self-- Next time- Hide the candy a little deeper~