Friday, January 16, 2015

Mr Moose

The last month or so Bob seems to be having more and more trouble with his vision. Or maybe its my perception of his vision. I know Alzheimers affects the brains ability to recognize what is seen.
The Alzheimers is causing damage to his occipital and temporal lobes and these are the areas of the brain that send and receive messages to and from the eyes. Bob sees things, but  what his brain is interpreting them as, is totally out of wack with reality.  In an ongoing effort to keep his hands busy so he wont shred his clothing or pick at his skin I gave him a "stuffed" moose. Bob has a thing for moose!. For days he has been trying to wear the moose as a slipper or hat..
Which is kind of adorable and sad at the same time... Sigh....

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