Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Party

This morning after I had Bob showered and dressed and ready for his day I decided he was doing well enough to take him to the Pharmacy with me to get his Rx's. In all honesty  I have really been avoiding taking him "shopping" because he just gets so confused and disoriented and lately "incontinence" has been a major issue.
 Sometimes I hate waiting until my son can get here to watch him in late afternoons,  because by then it is really busy there and it takes forever. So, we bundled up in our winter gear and went!
  As we were standing in line Bob was being very friendly, Laughing, carrying on, talking but not really making much sense with several others that were waiting in line. Some people were amused by his antics, some gave him , well....Lots of space.
 We finally got to the window and got our Rx's and left the store.. As we did Bob said ..  I'm glad they made it to the party...
Maybe it was all the Christmas decorations? LOL  I am glad he enjoyed " The Party"

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