Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Office

Today was a day of "errands".. all of which required a wait in line. Somehow  Bobs SS card has been misplaced. Which is odd because I am a tad OCD about records and file keeping.  So- today we needed to go apply for a replacement card and also get a letter of income verification from  the Social Security Office. We left the house at 8:30 so we could be there when they opened at 9am for opening. Which apparently 50  or so other people had decided to do as well. We got through the security process and metal detectors- got our Number-- and sat. For One and a half hours  for our turn. The whole time we were sitting there Bob kept asking " Why are we seeing a doctor?" Over and over I would explain where we were.  Not the Doctor-- The Social Security Office.
Did you Know that the Social Security office does NOT recognize a Power of Attorney? They insisted on Bob answering all of the "pertinent" questions himself.
 After 5 minutes  of them asking him his fathers name and him not being able to tell them-they told me they could not help me and when I asked what I needed to do. I got a shrug of shoulders...
I stood there and insisted that I needed to know what to do to get a new copy of his Card. I explained the situation and said, He will NEVER be able to answer your questions.. Apparently I Put up a big enough stink that a young man came out of a back office and asked me to follow him.
 He told me that he understood and said " I will try this another way-- I need him to nod his head yes.. If you can get him to do that I will finish this up and get you the papers you need..
So he gave this little speech to Bob about perjury- Blah blah blah.. Bob looked at me and I gave a nod of my head and indicated he should do the same with a look.. Bob Nodded... Sheesh... Thank You Bob. And JEEZ Office people.. way to make us do tricks for a piece of paper we are required to have.
Seriously? There must be thousands of people who are unable to speak and answer these questions for themselves.. Do we just have the lamest SS Office in the USA or is this typical of all of them.
I got the card Ordered-- The letter I needed and we went on our way-- 2 hours later.
As we left Bob said " No Doctor"?  Nope-- Not today......

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