Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We are on the 4th pair of tri-focal glasses now. Bob either hides or loses his glasses.
This morning he came out of the bedroom without his glasses on and when I asked him where they were he said- " I dont wear glasses".
Once again I went on a search. He has only been two places- to bed and the bathroom. I tore the bed apart, moved furniture, searched drawers, clothes, closets, shoes. Nothing. I headed to the bathroom, checked Cabinets, cupboards, shelves. Nothing.
I turned to head back to the bedroom, and I saw it.. an earpiece, part of the frame... ahhh- there they are,, buried in the garbage, under and empty shampoo bottle and kleenex. Which means he went to the effort of actually shoving them down under the garbage in the bin. Sheesh.

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