Monday, October 13, 2014

Driving me Crazy

The last few days Bob has been a little angry. He has figured out that he no longer has a key to the jeep on his key chain.
 All of a sudden after 2 years of not driving he wants- no-- insists.. he needs to drive.
 Never mind that he cant figure out how to latch his seat belt. Or unlatch his seat belt..or open the door once he is inside.
 Never mind that when I am driving he tells me its okay to go through red lights when no one else is around, or that we would get places much faster if I just drove past people on the shoulder or sidewalk.
Never mind that the last time he drove 2 years ago he got lost 3 blocks from home and had to call me to come and get him.
Yes-- there is a reason Bob no longer has keys to the Jeep.

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