Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Much Wood Could A......

This morning I got Bob fed and dressed and we headed out to the backside of the property. Bob had been hoarding wood back there.  Brian (son2) and I have been spending hours cleaning up the scrap metal and junk Bob accumulated.
I told Bob we are moving this wood into one BIG pile so it is easier to get out of here the day we haul it away. I would take arm loads of wood to the wood pile and Bob would grab a piece or two also. I would come back for another arm load and here would Come Bob, carrying the wood back to me that I had just left at the new pile.
 After about 3 times of explaining and another 5 arm loads coming back at me I told Bob. I think you should probably just sit on the deck and supervise I'm not making very much progress..
To which he replied.. You really arn't--If you worked for me I would fire you.
  Well Gee.. At least I got him to talk. :)

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