Monday, September 8, 2014

Dental Dilemma

Last night I noticed Bob pushing on his cheek and kind of had that feeling that says.. Oh No.. He has a toothache. I asked him. " Bob- do you have a tooth ache?"  He growled "NO-- I dont". He kept poking at it so I just assumed he did and asked If I could look in his mouth.. "NO- You cant"
I gave a him a few advil and said I will call the dentist in the Morning and see if we can get you in.. NO I wont go..
This morning after he brushed his teeth He was still poking so I called the dentist.. I didnt tell Bob where we were going but he figured it out when we walked into the office.  I told him he HAD to get his tooth looked at..
NO-- I dont have to..
He refused to go back in the room to see the dentist.
Now how do you deal with a grown man that refuses to be looked at by a dentist? I told him  he cant just leave it as it will just get worse.
OY! I had to bring him back home without being seen.. and also had a lovely charge for a Dentist visit that didnt happen... GGGRRRRR.
After we got home I sat him in is his chair and asked once again.. Can you at least let me look? He sat there staring at me but opened his mouth.. I put my finger on his lip to pull it up a bit so I could see-- and he promptly bit me, hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.... Fun Times!

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  1. Lori, this is so funny, MY Bob has the same issue right now we are living parallel lives!