Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That's Not It

This morning I decided to go get a much over due haircut. I have wore my hair pretty long for quite a few years. Bob liked it that way.
 So today, My almost waist length hair was cut.. To about shoulder length. Wowser- does my head ever feel light.
 When I got home I was expecting some kind of protest from Bob. NOPE.
 He knew something was different but he couldn't figure out what. He said. "Is that a new shirt?" I said  "No- I've had this one for quite awhile".
As he is sitting there looking at me trying to figure it out, I flipped my hair around a little to see if it would dawn on him..  He said. " Well somethings different"
I said. "Youre right" I got about 15 inches of hair cut off."
He said. " No-- that's not it"   :)


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this blog. I will spread the word and maybe more people will become aware. It is really revealing to see how this affects the both of you, had no idea what it was like, only imagined it. Hope it helps you to vent and we're here listening....even though people aren't necessarily signed up to follow you, there are always others who are curious and come to read. Keep writing....