Saturday, August 9, 2014

Feeling Broken

 I have been feeling so down the last few days that every tiny thing that goes wrong, has me in tears.  I swear- I bawled for 30 minutes over a broken dish, and I didn't even like the dish. 
 Poor Bob was so bad the last few days (which is probably most of my problem). It seems like I cant get him to understand the simplest of things. I realize they are not simple to him, but my frustration level has been through the roof. I had him in the shower yesterday and could not get through his head that he needed to rinse off.. He still had soap all over him.. So I am telling him to rinse and he keeps putting on more soap. I took all the soap out of the shower. Shampoos, bar soap.. everything... then said.. Now just rinse.. you have to get all that soap off of you..I went to toss some towels down the stairs to the laundry room and went back and he was out of the shower.. still covered in soap lather drying himself off.. I tell him.. you have to get back in and get the soap rinsed off.. He was clenching his jaw and said..I do not need too. 
I know that clenched Jaw- The stubborn had set in.. I said "Fine- but you will be hating life here in a bit".. So he just dried off. 
An hour later he is scratching like crazy. Yep-Soap is getting to him.. so he says "I am itchy".. I said, "Might be because you didnt rinse all the soap off after your shower.. so he says--"I'll go do that now".. He goes in the bathroom and I hear him in there. I went back and opened the door and he is in the shower.. clothes, hat, shoes and all. ARGHHH
Got that mess cleaned up..Him straightened away and he says. Next time YOU should make sure all the soap is off. ARGGGHHHH
The last few days have been jam packed with fun filled events like this. Which may be the reason for my tears.. Or---Maybe I just need chocolate.

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