Wednesday, July 2, 2014


A little bit of a rough day for Bob.  His struggle with getting dressed or undressed now just seems normal. He needs help with every aspect of showering, grooming, dressing etc.
Today after Bob got out of the shower I told him his clothes were on the bed and guided him to the bed. I told him I would be right back when the phone rang.
I came back a few minutes later to him having his underwear on both arms and trying to get his head in there too.. I got that "fixed" and handed him his jeans as I stepped around the corner to pick up his pile of dirty clothes to put in the hamper.. I Came back around the corner and he said. " There's something wrong here".
He had his levi's on and up and was searching for the zipper and button.. which were in the back.. He had his pants on backwards.
 I said.. "Hon-- You have them on backwards".
He said " I know- I cant reach the button"
I hate this disease.

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