Thursday, June 5, 2014


Bob used to be such a gentleman. He opened doors to cars and buildings. He held my hand as we crossed streets. If he saw me carrying anything even a little awkward or heavy he would rush to take it from me.  He was very complimentary and empathetic. He was my Knight- My Hero.
 Now as our battle with Dementia marches on Bob rarely helps with anything. If we come home with a car load of groceries he walks straight to the door instead of helping. He waits for me to open the door for him.  When we take the garbage out he watches as I carry it it all. He watches me clean house and if I give him a chore to do he starts it but never finishes it.  Today I was doing some pretty heavy duty house cleaning and tried to engage Bob enough to help so I could at least keep an eye on him. Every time I turned around he was where I needed to be, doing "nothing". I dont know why I find this all so irritating.  But I do. I finally told him to please just sit down and watch TV so I could get done. I parked the TV on the outdoor channel and there he sat while I cleaned. I know I should try harder to keep him engaged and helping-- but some days- I just dont have it in me. The more steam he loses- the more steamed I become. I know its not his fault. I think I am tired.. I'll try harder tomorrow.......I hate this disease.

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