Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Cowboy

Bob has always been a man of simple attire, He favors Levi's, cowboy boots, Carrhart, Wrangler and well.. just simple cowboy attire. He has always worn large leather western belts and even bigger dinner plate size buckles.
When he and I were first dating I was a Warehouse Manager for a retail store. I remember one time he came to pick me up after work to take me out to dinner. He was wearing his Levi's, cowboy boots and his favorite Black Canvas Duster and his black Stetson. We were going "Line Dancin"  after dinner.
 He walked through the store looking for me and several of the other ladies came running to the back room to get me because they wanted me to see this "OMG awesome guy" that was walking through the store. I peeked out and saw that it was Bob. He had the kind Of "show stopping"  look that made people stop and look and a deep Sam Elliot voice that made you stop to see who was talking.
 Well- He still has that voice but he sure doesn't use it often these days. And his once uber cool cowboy fashion sense has been replaced with new bold looks.  Yesterday I stepped out of the bathroom after my shower to see Bob all dressed. Well almost...He had his cowboy boots on, his giant leather belt and buckle on...............and his sweatpants............Be still my fluttering heart.  :)

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  1. Sooo your heart was all a flutter out of shock?!!! LOL I am glad you can still laugh about his goofiness.