Friday, May 2, 2014

Thats Stupid

Today I was cleaning up the jeep a little and tossing a few things in for a little day trip I have been planning for tomorrow. Bob became very agitated and said.
" Thats MY jeep. What do you think you're doing"
Me: " Getting it ready for our trip up in the mountains tomorrow". We are going to take the camera's and see what we can find.
Bob: Well thats MY jeep.
Me: It's OUR jeep and I am just putting things in the back for tomorrow
Bob: "Who hired you?"
Me: " Hired? No one.. I am your wife"
Bob: "Someone must have hired you- Who pays you?"
Me: "Nope-- No One pays me"
Bob " Well you're stupid for working for free..
Me " Tell me about it... How much you want to pay me?"
Bob: " I'm not paying because I didnt hire you".... "Did I?"
Me: "Nope-Guess I'll keep working for free"
Bob: " Thats stupid"

Stupid indeed! :) Bob's been using the word "stupid" quite a bit the last few days.

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