Sunday, May 4, 2014

Safety First

Yesterday we took our day trip up in the mountains. Lots of Photography and messing with lenses for me, and a day of target practice for Bob and son Brian.  I know I mentioned before that Bob spent many years competing in tactical shooting matches. He also taught gun safety courses for a number of years.
 Many of the rules of gun safety seem to be slowly slipping from his memory, as we had to remind him several times to be aware of what he was doing etc.. Either I or Brian had to be by his side constantly to help him and make sure all was well. He soon will no longer be able to participate in this activity that he loves so much. As much as he loves it, we will NOT let him come to harm or harm anyone else.
 We had  a great day hiking and exploring and will continue on with that for as long as Bob is able. Yesterday we found several "ruins". Well they were marked "ruins on our Topo Maps. Once we hiked in we found an abandoned Smelter kiln near the old mine sites.  It was a fun day and we were exhausted by the time we got home.  Although Bob moves a lot slower these days he seems to still really enjoy getting out and exploring. He was so happy and excited about our day when we got home. Yay! :)

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