Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playing in the Dirt

Bob and I got up bright and early this morning and headed to the Walmart Nursery before the crowds got there. With several large bags of new dirt to rejuvenate the beds, and a big selection of plants, we headed home.
 Bob owned a landscaping business for almost 40 years. Much of what he used to do for his customers seems to have been long forgotten. At one point instead of using a bucket or wheel barrow he was carrying a garden trowel of dirt all the way  across the yard at a time. Trowel after trowel.  I decided to just leave him alone. He was "working" outside with me and enjoying the weather. I worked for 3 hours getting the tomatoes, peppers and flowers planted. The hanging baskets on the deck are filled, The planters on the porch are brimming with annuals and the little vegetable garden is planted.
 I  got that all done and then decided to mow the lawn to just give everything that finished look.  Bob once again insisted that he could mow the lawn. I sat on the deck and let him go for it.. After watching him mow the same 2 foot strip over and over and over I sent him on an errand to get me the "leaf blower" out of the back yard and I quickly mowed the lawn while he was gone. I got the mower put away and then went looking for him. He was standing on the back deck admiring the Tomatoes and peppers I had planted earlier.. He looked at me and said.. " Well I'm tired-- how about you?  :) We had an awesome morning!

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  1. This story make me cry, Lori. I know you "awesome" mornings are far and few.
    Give Bob a hug for me and here is one for you. ~~~squeeze~~