Monday, May 26, 2014

Decisions Decisions

One of the things I find a little frustrating these days is Bobs inability to make simple decisions for himself. For instance, If I ask him what he would like to drink with his evening meal and I give him a short list of things, Water, Ice Tea or Pop.. He will say-- Ohhh I dont know-- what do you think I should have?  If I say IceTea- He'll say-- I think I'll have water.. and If I give him the water he wants to know what happened to his tea.
 Its the same thing when getting dressed in the mornings.  If I set his clothes out he wants something else, so I get what he wants out. Then when he is dressed he will ask why I didnt let him wear the other shirt.
  I feel bad that he cant seem to process his thoughts enough to make such simple decisions for everyday life.
 Today he walked out the front door after breakfast like he was heading somewhere. I said " Where you goin Babe?" He said. " I'll be back in a little while..  I watched him walk to the street, then look North- then look South. He turned around and walked back in the house and said  " What was I suppose to be doing?"
I said " Think you were just going for a walk- did you see anything interesting"
He said " Yep, the neighbors cat was pooping"
Its a beautiful Day in the neighborhood.

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