Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The great Underwear incident of 2014

A few days ago I grabbed a sweatshirt out of the closet for Bob to wear. About 10 minutes after he had it on he felt something and reached under the hem and pulled out-- a pair of my underwear.  Static cling playing a cruel joke on Bob.
Bob looked at me with complete indignation and said very loud " I AM NOT WEARING THESE".
I said "Well  of course not hon.. Its just static cling from when I did the laundry".
I took the "offending pair" from him and put them away in my dresser.
A little while later he said " I dont understand why you would give me your underwear to wear" I said I didnt intentionally Hon. You were already dressed remember?. It was just static cling..
OH ..he said..
Every 15 to 30 minutes for about 5 hours he brought the "underwear incident" up. LOL. I find it amazing, because he has not remembered anything for that length of time in a very long time. That clinger pair of undies made quite the impression. :)

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