Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mow Mow Mow your Yard

Its been a very long week since I posted last. So many things going on, changes being made and more of a decline for Bob.
I 'll fill you in on a few things later when I have more then just a few minutes.
Last week Son 2 came to sit with Bob while I had a Doctors Appointment. While I was gone they got the lawn mower out from its winter hibernation, tuned it up, and mowed the lawn. They also got out the deck chairs, rugs and patio decor and set the deck up for me.
Today Bob wanted to mow the lawn by himself. I said I dont know.. are you sure you can?  "Of course-- I did this for a living for years." Well he did, and against my better judgement I let him.. I helped him get the mower ready and thought- I'll just check on him every few minutes.
After he was mowing for a few minutes I noticed a different sound. I ran to check on him and he was next door mowing the neighbors lawn. I ran out there and said why are you mowing the neighbors lawn? He said " I'm not". I said "yes you are,  look you are 100 feet from our property and house" He looked up and said- "this is our house"-- I said "no-- its the neighbors house".  I took the lawn mower from him and finished mowing the neighbors lawn so it wouldn't look weird then I went back and mowed our lawn..
When I got done I said to Bob "I'm sorry- You are no longer mowing the lawn. The boys or I will do it." He said-- " Thats fine with me." I was expecting a battle over it. I think it shook him that he didn't know our house once again.   :(

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  1. Oh Lori,
    I so have given up on the battle of mowing the lawn, our Bob's are quite similar that way!