Monday, March 24, 2014

Snap a Keeper

Over the years Bob and I have spent a lot of time in the mountains surrounding the city we live in. One weekend to the East in Idaho, maybe the next just North of us..and sometimes to the south.
We both love photography and we just grab our bags and go. Something that used to be such a big part of Bob's life is slowly leaving him. The camera that was like an extension of his arm  seems foreign to him and lately he cant remember what settings or lenses he should be using. Thank God for today's digital camera's. I cant imagine having all of these "pictures" he is attempting developed. More often then not these days I tell him let the camera do the work and I park his camera on Auto Mode.  Oh Boy--does he ever hate that so he still struggles with his settings. Sometimes I will take his camera and get the settings right and hand it back.  When we get back home and are viewing our pictures on the computer I can see the disappointment on his face when he looks at many of the pictures he takes while we are out.
The last few trips I have slipped a few of my shots into his folder. I hate fibbing to the man but if you could see how happy it makes him to see that he can occasionally still "Snap a Keeper" You'd probably do it too.. Its worth the big Ol smile and the " I've still got it"... Hope the good Lord forgives the fibs I tell him along the way.

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