Saturday, March 15, 2014

Important Things

I just want to remind any of you that may be going through this or are starting to go through this how important it is to get your legal affairs in order.
Yesterday I asked Bob to sign a simple document. He couldn't do it.
I printed it out, thinking maybe he forgot how to spell it.. but that didn't help either.. I just said-- Just sign your name- You know-- Like you would if you were signing a check or a deposit slip..
Nothing-- He couldn't do it.. He tried. but it came out in squiggles.. I signed my name several times hoping it would trigger a response-- but it didn't-- just a tremendous inner turmoil for him. I put the papers away and said-- "That's okay we'll practice it tomorrow if you want."
I could see how much it upset him. By today it was forgotten.
Like I said- In my case it was okay-- we have a Durable power of attorney for Health and a general Durable power of attorney for legal and financial matters. We took care of those things a few years back. Just a gentle reminder to you all-- Get those documents in place, notarized and filed in the courts if your state also requires that. I would never have guessed that Bob wouldn't be able to sign his name at this point. It surprised me to say the least. I'm just glad we took the time a few years ago  to get those things in place.

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