Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Sleep-

Last night I was up with Bob 3 times. I have been struggling with keeping him up a bit later in hopes that he will be tired enough to sleep a little more when I am. Here lately he wants to go to bed at 5 PM and It is a nightly struggle to keep him up till at least 8Pm. I literally exhaust myself trying to keep him up, as he is VERY bent on getting in the bed..
 I would like it if he stayed up even later but usually by 8:00 I am so tired of battling him that I am ready for it to just be over.. So he goes to bed at 8:00..
Last night he got up at 12:00... I made sure everything was alright.. got him tucked back in after a bathroom visit etc.. Then he got up at 2am.. this time He had pulled some jeans over his PJ's   and I woke up to him rummaging in the closet. Got him undressed and back in bed.. He got up again at 4am.. and got the jeans on again, this time to visit the bathroom . I Got him back in bed.
 I got up at my usual 6am. I walked into the bedroom and some time between 4 am and 6am  he had taken all of the bedding off the bed--It was in a pile on the floor. He was dressed " kind of"  and laying on the bed with 6 pairs of his shoes around  him and he had his heavy winter carrhart coat on.
I said- "What the hell happened in here?"
He said-- "I was cold"
Dear Sleep,
 I'm sorry I hated you when I was little.

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