Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Worst Case Ever

Bob- God love em-- has always been a bit of a Hypochondriac.  If he has the sniffles its the "worst case ever" . If he has a stomach problem its the "worst case ever" - We would watch a Program about some illness and he could convince himself he had all the symptoms and "had it" (You know what I mean) A few years ago I had pneumonia and  I coughed so hard I separated a rib. But of course- He had a cold at that time and his was the "worst case ever".  He never wants to go to the doctor of course, and has always relied on me to "fix" him when possible.
I tell this to you tonight-- because- Bob has already gone to bed- with the "worst case ever" of Diarrhea.. LOL-- Personally-- not my place of choice to be if that is what is ailing me-- Obviously--Its not the "worst case ever" (if it is even an issue at all-)
Which brings me to an observation and something I am worrying about-- Can he still "tell" me what is wrong when his body has something ailing him.. I am doubting that he will.. After all he walked around limping all day one day and when I asked him if he had hurt himself he said no-- My foot just hurts-- I made him take off his shoe and he had been walking around with a Lego in there--OUCH.

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