Monday, January 6, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Many of the books and articles I have read about Dementia / Alzheimer's say that sleep patterns change and many patients are up during the night and sleep during the day etc..
Well so far Bob sleeps pretty well most nights. He does talk in his sleep and has an occasional Night Terror but here lately he has been getting 12 to 13 hours of sleep every night.  Tonight we had an early dinner and we had just settled in to watch the news on TV. It was 5:30, and Bob asked me if it was okay if he went to bed. I knew he was tired because we had a very full day and things were off of his normal routine.  I said  " Of course.. Are you are feeling okay or are you just tired?" He said-- "Just tired" so I helped him get ready for bed and away he went-  I sure wish I had an OFF button like his. I swear he lays down and he is out like a light.  Not sure what time he'll be up in the morning- I'm guessing pretty early. In the mean time- Its pretty quiet at the ol' homestead!  Not complaining mind you-- but I do miss having someone to chat with in the evenings. I talk to myself, but the scary part? I'm answering myself too-- LOL!

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