Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buzz Saw

Bob had an appointment with his Neurologist yesterday. I think we may be able to squeeze in one more appointment before Doc's retirement starts in May. I am going to hate having to get Bob used to a new Doctor-but we do what we have to do.
So yesterday I broached the subject of sleep or lack of sleep. Bobs frequent night terrors, and combative sleep ( striking out) keep me awake even thou I am sleeping in another room and I know he does not get a restful nights sleep. Which may also explain some of his confusion on days after he has had a bad night.
So the doctor gave us a Prescription that is suppose to help Him sleep through the night and cut down on the night terrors etc.. On the flip side- The man slept like a rock last night- He snored so loud I could hear him everywhere in this house. It sounded like a Buzz saw left running- Hmmmm. New dilemma-- I want him to sleep- and I want him to get the best nights sleep he can- But that snoring? OY- Maybe I need earplugs- A friend told me that they make these pillows that are suppose to help with snoring. Imagine that- a Pillow that helps with snoring? I dont think that is going to help- Unless Of course I hold it over his face. -- I know, I know--Unacceptable--. :) I'm just kidding.  No need to send me emails. I just havent had enough coffee yet this morning. :)
I dont want to wear ear plugs because I need to be able to hear him if he needs me. I'll get this figured out- I'm just glad he got a good nights sleep.

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