Thursday, January 30, 2014

All tied up

Bob has been having a little trouble tying his shoes lately. Today he was putting on his snowboots and I watched him struggle for several minutes before I asked him if he wanted help..
"Nope- I can do it .."
Next time I looked-- He had the boots on and they were tied behind his ankles..Good Lord-- you would have thought it would have been easier to tie them in the front--Right?
What the heck--? He had the laces through the "pull up" strap on the back and then knotted several times with the laces dragging behind when he walked..
I said- Hon-- Let me help you- You are going to trip on those loose laces dragging.. He got very quiet-- I just reached down-- and put those laces in a bow so they wouldnt be straggling behind him.. I think he was relieved that I didnt untie his mess.  at least until it was time to untie that mess so he could get his boots off--
He looked at me and said- " I dont know what company made these boots but the way they make you tie the laces is stupid.."

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