Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hoarding- The Battle

I may have mentioned before that Bob is a borderline hoarder- Okay- I say he is a hoarder- he says he is NOT so we meet in the middle-- Lets just say over the years he has collected a lot of crap stuff.
I have been slowly going through the totes, boxes and dressers that are in the basement. Cleaning off work benches, closets, and tables.
I have been taking Bob to the basement to "help" for at least an hour every day. More because I need to know what some of this stuff is before he completely forgets. He did a lot of gun smithing and there are  many "parts" and things that I know have a value so dont just want to "chuck it".
Today we were going through two old  big rubbermade totes. There were framed pics of what I was assuming were old girlfriends. I pulled open the one tote and Grabbed a picture and said-
 "Whoa-- who is this?"
Him- " I have no idea"
Me- "Looks like it was taken in the early 70's- Does that help?"
Him- "Not really--"
Me- "Maybe she was an old girlfriend?"
Him- " I dont think I would have dated anyone that looked like that"
Me- " Like what? She looks normal to me--"

We went through that Tote- Framed Picture by Framed Picture-  The whole way me asking who they were and him thinking hard but not being able to tell me..
Got to the bottom of the tote- And there it was--The sign- "Box of frames- all for $5.00"
Must have got them at a yard sale--
I have two thoughts on all of this--
1. Who the hell gives away their family pics with a frame at a yard sale?
2. Wonder how confused  Bob is right now after trying to remember who all those people were.
I said-- "No wonder you dont know who they were - You got them at a yard sale- "
To which he replied- "I Have Never picked up a woman at a Yard sale."

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