Sunday, November 24, 2013

Answer the Door

I needed to go to the store . I knew Son 2  would be swinging by any second so I left Bob home alone knowing that it would just be for  5 minutes..  I get home-- Son 2 is out in the yard and Bob has the deadbolts on the door locked- I unlocked the door and we went in and Bob was taking apart the door chime--
I said what are you doing-- he said--- this damn thing kept going off-- I am fixing it-- I said well  when it goes off-- dont you think you should look outside and see who is here?  Its a door bell.. Brian has been ringing the door bell.  He looks at me and says-- no its not-- its a fire alarm-- 
(And what about the knocking?) 
Son 2 has a key to the main locks-- he now also has a key to the deadbolts--

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