Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flowers From the Heart

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. As we were shopping Bob said-- do I have money in my account-- I said yes- (I always have money in his old account just in case he wants something if he is out with one of the boys or something. )
Anyway-- he says-- Do I have money in my account-? I said yes-- why? He said You have been a good wife- I am going to buy you a present-- LOL-- I told him to save his money because I would probably bite his head off later for doing something stupid.. He said-- well that's still being a good wife.. Anyway-- he bought me some flowers. Back when he was working he would stop and get flowers to bring home to me a few times a week.. My Old Bob made me  all teary eyed yesterday! This morning he walked past the flowers and said- "Did I buy those for you"  I said you sure did-- he got a huge smile and said- " Good for me"...

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