Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I have Learned

1. If you do not laugh at the funny stuff--you will cry..all the time.
2. Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's is a difficult job at best.
3. Its important to educate yourself about the illness.
4. Have your ducks in a row--meaning-- get the proper paper work to help your loved one in place while you still can.
5. Its a very lonely illness. Many People dont know how to deal with it--they quit coming around because they are uncomfortable.
6. I have learned to Cherish each moment and smile- even when I don't  feel like I can.
7. Do I struggle? Yes! Do I cry? Yes! Are there days I want to just give up? Yes--! Will I? NO.. Because if it was the other way around-- I would like to think he wouldnt!
8. You will have guilt- over promises made, that you know eventually you won't be able to keep.
9. When you think you cant possibly answer the same question for the hundredth time--you can-You can actually answer it 200 times before blowing a major gasket. :)
10. I don't always have to be right-- even if I am  :)
11. Check the freezer before bed and several times through out the day.
12. With the right amount of coffee- You can go days without sleep.
13. The silence can be deafening. I miss conversation.
14. I miss someone else having an opinion. What do you want for dinner? I dont care.. What do you want to watch on TV.. I don't care.. What do you want to do today.. I don't care... Let's have chicken for dinner. What else do we have?.. Lets watch CSI.. what else is on?.  Lets go to the park and take pics. That sounds boring.. ARGH...
15. It doesnt really matter if a person wears sweatpants over their jeans...when you are staying at home.
16. My, I can build it, fix it, handyman,is now a break it, broke it , ruined it kind of man.
17.  I am now a Build it,  fix it kind of gal and if I can't-- I know how to dial a phone to someone that can.
18. I am blessed with an inner strength-- that usually only becomes visible after a good 30 minute cry.
19.I am blessed with a few really good friends that even thou they live miles and miles away--let me vent and support me.
20. I am a Smartass--  it has helped me through some really difficult times before, and I expect it will in the future.
21. Having to make all of the decisions as an Alzheimer's spouse is very, very, difficult.
23. When you think you hear water running-- look-- it probably is.
24. I wonder if other spouses of Alzheimers patients have as much trouble as I do not letting the disease become front and center. It seems like everything is measured by "before and after ". I see other couples discussing plans for vacations, trips, or simple joys of life and I am jealous. And I am not proud that I am jealous. Alzheimer's is the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning and it is usually the last thing I think of when I go to bed.
25. I have to let go of the life we had planned, and accept the life ahead of us.
26.  I hate this disease.

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