Monday, October 14, 2013

In The Beginning -2

Bob's diagnosis of Dementia came about in such a strange way. I would normally have never gotten him to a Dr even if I had suspected there was something wrong. He did not go to a Dr for anything, unless he was sure he was dying. One day I was at work. My son Brian, who was 22 at the time, had been at the hospital with a severe case of the chickenpox.  He had just been released from the hospital and was coming to stay with us because his roommate's children had never had the chickenpox either. I came home on my lunch hour to make sure he was settled in and to check on things. When I got home Bob was parked out front with one of his work trucks. Apparently a Ujoint went bad. To make a long story short he was working on his truck- all of a sudden said he didnt feel well and I walked him to the porch to sit down. I ran in the house and grabbed a glass of ice water and sat down next to him on the steps. I was yammering away at him as always and noticed the glass slipping from his hands. I jumped up and stood in front of him and held him as he was tipping over and yelled for Brian who came out grabbed him and drug him out into the yard. 911 was called as Brian preformed CPR.  Bob was taken to the hospital where he woke up very dazed and confused about an hour later.  Apparently he had pinched or done something to his Vasovagel nerve which is what caused him to quit breathing and pass out.. There are many other things I can tell you about that, but in order to keep you from getting bored to death I;ll just say..
He was visited by a Neurologist in the hospital..he was given MRI's and CT Scan and followup visit's were made to the neurologist. It was in the followup visits several months later that he was diagnosed with MCI and then months later the Dementia became apparent. We still continue to go to the same neurologist that diagnosed him.  Bob hates going to the Dr...I usually dont tell him of the appt till the Morning of..just so I dont have to listen to him complain about it. He gets to complain for the 10 minute ride over.. and the 5 minute wait in the office.  He has his checkup, and then all the way home he tells me how much he likes his Dr.  LOL--By the time we are home he wants to know what the "flake" had to say...  When I tell him the Dr says you had a good checkup-- he says " I knew I liked that guy".

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