Monday, October 14, 2013

Found It

Not my sanity! But the set of keys that have been missing for 4 days. Its not the first time this particular set of keys have "gone missing" and I doubt it will be the last.  Its the set of keys to "everything but nothing". Bob has been toting that set of keys for years. I dont know if half the keys that are on it, even go to anything we own anymore. The two keys that are important on it, are his workshop ( which I have a spare to) and a room we keep locked in the basement. ( which I also have a spare to)  So- his keys "disappeared" --again. Last time I found them in a kitchen cupboard in a set of mixing bowls I rarely use. The first day they went missing this time, I looked everywhere. I tore this house apart. I honestly didn't care that they were missing, but Bob constantly looking was driving me crazy. He Hides things- for whatever reason- and then cant remember where he hides them. While they are missing he is convinced that someone has stole them or is hiding them from him. One whole day-- devoted to searching every nook and cranny of this house for those keys.  The next three days searching on and off when he would remember they were missing.
Today I was looking out the kitchen window while waiting for the Keurig to spit out another cup of coffee.  I could see the sun glinting off of something shiny on the corner of the roof of his workshop. At first I though it was the flashing on the roof edge but thought-- why Have I not noticed that before? Better check it out.. Yep-- the set of keys--on the roof.. Peachy...just peachy....  Our search and find game playing field has grown.  Thank you Mr Sun for shining a little extra light on them today. Gotta Love it! I went and got Bob and pointed out his keys.
 Him- Why on Earth would you hide those there?
 Me-- (The Smartass)-- Umm- I dont know-- I thought it would be funny?
Him-- Well its not-- dont do that again..
Me-- Okee Dokke then. :)

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