Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to start?

This blog will be about day to day life with my husband Bob. He has dementia. The diagnosis came about a Year and a half ago after a 6 month diagnosis of MCI ( mild cognitive impairment). I started this blog over a year ago and have not had the heart to put anything down here. I felt like maybe I was disrespecting him by writing about it. Down the road most of my posts will be just quick little "blurbs" about our day. I'll try to give some back ground and let you know more about us and our journey to this point.
 We both have adult children from previous marriages. Bob has 3 and I have 2.  My boys live locally and Bob's Daughters live out of state. Sadly his son has passed on.
We live in Spokane Washington.
Bob owned an operated a Landscape business for 40 years. I worked in Retail Management until his illness dictated a need for me to be at home. I now work from home. I work with glass--fusing and stained glass and I also design bead patterns and do custom beadwork. I turned a hobby into a business.
We both love photography and have spent many years traveling the back roads in our area taking pics and hiking. Its one thing that he seems to still really enjoy but lately seems to be having trouble remembering the settings to use to get the results he wants. I have his camera "parked" on Auto..The good thing about digital- if you dont like your results- you can delete them.
At this point we have been handling everything with a little help from the boys. If I need some help I just give a shout and one of them will be here.  Life down the path of Dementia......

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