Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finding Words

My son told me a few days ago that he is amazed at how I "know" what Bob is talking about. I finish his sentences. I hate watching him struggle for the words he is looking for.  I dont like the  frustration it causes so I quickly start filling in the blanks so to speak. Today he was talking to the neighbor and trying to come up with the words "Gas Pump". He kept saying "car bomb" instead.  I filled in the correct words-- he said thanks and kept going with his conversation. I often wonder what goes through his mind as he struggles to find the words. Sometimes he gets mad when I help- Most times he is okay with it. Or at least I think he is.
Today I managed to get about 4 hours work in on an order I am working on before he started with his need to have me "around".  That was a nice solid 4 hours I really needed too.. Yay! I am sooo behind on this order. I see a few all nighter's in my near future so I can get this order out by the deadline.. Note to self- QUIT taking orders that have a deadline.
I still need to go out and see what he did in the backyard while I was busy. I know he was working on an old lawnmower so I am sure there are tools that need to be put away. He told me he "got a full day in" so that usually means some extra work for me. Not complaining mind you. I like it when he keeps busy. I recently brought the security cameras monitor into my studio with me so I can keep an eye on where he is and what he is doing as I am working. It makes it easier when I go out to check on things later as I know what to look for.. Does that make any sense?

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